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Artist Statement of Practice

My great inspiration for painting ocean and cloud abstracts reaches back to my first experience with the Gulf of Mexico – In that moment, I knew that I had met an old friend. I was taken by the enormous energy that revealed itself in bands of blue, aqua, grey and white and the sound of crashing waves and the distinctive scent of salt air left a significant and indelible impression on my creative mind and senses. Above, the clouds formed themselves into billowing pillowy shapes, only to transform themselves into a new configuration over and over again. Thus, the creative seeds had been planted.


Relying on an imperfect mix of fluid acrylic paints and inks seems to best capture the movement of the ocean. Beginning with a smooth white gessoed base or oftentimes slathering a thick layer of plaster onto the canvas board, paint is poured onto the substrate in various amounts and allowed to stream together by gently tilting the canvas and using a palette knife to encourage its flow. Spray paint, water and alcohol are used to mimic sea foam and white caps, and inks are then rubbed into the dry surface to create unity.


The ocean touches all of one’s senses and and I am always looking to rediscover that experience of being immersed completely in its depths. I hope that my paintings convey both its soothing gentle qualities along with its explosive energy in an alliance of power and beauty.

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