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Graphic Design

My career as a Graphic Designer has been long and varied. I was first hired as an Assembly Artist at an ad agency, pasting-up department store flyers. The entire process was done by hand using an x-acto knife and wax on an artboard table. Our type was created externally by a typesetter and delivered to us the next day. I cut my teeth at that job and learned more in that first year than ever before. I moved on to the publishing field, where I was introduced to computer graphics, and my love affair with the Mac was born.


Over the next few years, I freelanced and art directed for a retail promotions company, and eventually landed as an art director at a bridal fashion magazine. I spent close to twelve years art directing / advertisements and promotional materials for WeddingBells magazine Canada and US. I credit this creative position (more than any other) for fine-tuning my skills as a designer.

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